Genso / 元素 means elements.

Nick West

Nick West is an artist and researcher based in Tokyo –

Annabel James

A childhood spent moving between East Asian countries ignited Annabel’s deep interest in the visual cultures and languages of the region. After graduating with a BA in English from Oxford University, she lived and worked in Tokyo for two years, first as a Daiwa Scholar and then working for a contemporary art gallery. She completed a Master’s at the Courtauld Institute in London in 2015, and is excited to be embarking on the next stage of her career in the art market. She is currently based in Tokyo.

Sam Frith

Originally Sam’s idea, Genso started as a way to bring creative practices together in Japan. Having developed a website to share art and ideas online, he has since moved to the UK. Sam currently resides in London.

Thank you

William Andrews, Cecile Defosse, Paul Vincent Farrell, Izumi Frith, Steve Frith, David Harris, Paul Heaton, Tim Heywood, Ben Joicey, Neil McRobert, Barney Meinhoff, Christian Owen, Emma Ota, Jennifer Pastore, Mark Pearson, Gianni Persello, Cecile Sayuri Poimboeuf, Steve Reynolds, Changa Semakokiro, Joe Saunders, Yoneko Shirashi, Siv Stoldal, Simon Taylor, Midori Tsuboi, Lawrence Wakeham, Emily Wakling, Christopher Webster, Pip West, Sofie West, Toby West, Neil Wilson, Kai Wong, Nick Yarnold, and Anna-Nicole Ziesche.

Takahiro Iwasaki, ‘Reflection Model (Rashomon Effect) (2015) Japanese cypress, plywood, Chinese ink, wire. Installation view. Photo: Nick West

Takahiro Iwasaki, ‘Reflection Model (Rashomon Effect) (2015) Japanese cypress, plywood, Chinese ink, wire. Photo: Nick West


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