Noriko Ambe, ‘Linear-Actions Cutting Project 1’ (2000) Photo: Atsushi Takada

Using maps, encyclopedias, magazines, artists’ books or pages of a synthetic Japanese paper called Yupo, Noriko Ambe removes organic cutouts with a knife to create altered books and low reliefs. In physically editing the visual content from pre-existing publications with shapes that resemble the contours in cartography or the bands on a felled tree, each score traces the act of erasure, revealing a new geography and a new image. For her process-orientated practice to depend on the marks of the blade, the results offer subtle twists of ostensibly natural forms.

Noriko Ambe, ‘Linear-Actions Cutting Project 12, Encyclopedia “Geography of Japan 1’ (2002)

Noriko Ambe, ‘Linear-Actions Cutting Project, Road Atlas’ (2002)

Noriko Ambe, ‘Cutting Books in Tokyo Series’ (2003)

Noriko Ambe, ‘Flat Globe Cutting Book Series “Wall Coverings’ (2006)

Noriko Ambe, ‘A Piece of Flat Globe 2011 Nippon’ (detail) (2011) Photo: Masanori Saito

Noriko Ambe, ‘Lands of Emptiness A’ (detail) (2003)

Noriko Ambe was born in Saitama, Japan (1967). The artist lives and works in New York and Tokyo.
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