Mon (Koutaro Toyama), 'Oshika/Stag' VATES (2016) Photo: Nick West

Mon (Koutaro Toyama), ‘Oshika/Stag’ VATES (2016) Photo: Nick West

Something of a trend may be emerging in Tokyo recently: a rise in pop-up exhibitions. Although this tendency could be seen to reflect developers readying themselves for the 2020 Olympics, as the locations of the pop-up shows that we’ve visited have been beyond the Olympic areas, it seems more likely to indicate a rise in the popularity of street art and the DIY ethos of artist groups instead.
Regardless of the reasons, a few soon-to-be-demolished buildings have been seized upon by artists as pop-up exhibition spaces in the last couple of years. In 2014, #BCTION held an enormous show in Kojimachi that amassed work by an extraordinary seventy artists. In October this year, the artist-collective Chim↑Pom staged an event in a former ramen shop in Shinjuku called “So see you again tomorrow, too?” Also during this autumn saw VATES organise a show across seven floors of a defunct office building in Iidabashi.
Here are a few images from VATES:

Mon (Koutaro Toyama), ‘Oshika/Stag’ (detail) VATES (2016) Photo: Nick West


Cook, ‘Matsu/Pine’ VATES (2016) Photo: Nick West

JONJON GREEN by YoutaMatsuoka

JONJON GREEN, Youta Matsuoka. VATES (2016). Photo courtesy of the artist.


Hideyuki Katsumata, A sad monster hides in the stairwell. VATES (2016) Photo: Nick West
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